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We are the Stage Managers Association India.

Out of passion for the craft and love for the community, we have established the Stage Managers Association India with global support & International partners like USA, UK, Germany & Spain. Our aim is to bring our community together and put India’s Stage Managers on the Global Map. SMA India’s endeavours will also focus on providing its members with a platform for networking, education and support.

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Whether you are a professional, just beginning your career in stage management or in the early stages of your education, SMA India is THE association for you to join.

Fill in your details in the below application form. Once your application is approved we will confirm your membership via an email. For all members who apply before the end of 2021 and are confirmed, there will be no membership fees for the current calendar year.


    SMA India aims to build a strong community of its members and capitalise on the apprenticeship model of the industry. To achieve this we will host different skill building workshops and courses.

    Friends of SMA India: Regular Community Catch Ups for orientation, integration and collaboration for and by its members.

    Members Voice

    Become a contributor by sending an email to admin@stagemanagersindia.com


    We are a not for profit organisation. We are funded on donor contribution by our founding members.

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    We believe your thoughts matter and we would like to hear from you. We will do our best to respond and help if we can. SMA staff work part time, please bear with us if we are a little slower to respond to you at busy times and on weekends or public holidays.


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